EDAMS : Crator of mechanical solutions for greenhouses .

EDAMS is a french company establised in 1974.

Originally, EDAMS company designed et produced blind mechanism, then, through continuous technological innovation and by listening customers, shape product range and become a specialist in “Etudes et Développements d'Articles Mécaniques for greenhouse and take its name  E.D.A.M.S. It is on this savoir-faire basis that we develop the current range, specialized in transmission, motorization and mechanic system for the ventilation and shading of horticultural greenhouses, agricultural and  farm building.

Our job

Our job: We understand our product from conception to commercialization based on a range of competencies and research and development fundamental skill, tooling design, machining, and foundry.

Which allow, after a comprehensive study of our customer’s request, to propose a customized answer.

Product range

EDAMS’s products structured around two sorts of greenhouse opening for the purpose of regulating culture conditions (heat and light): Rolling system and opening system.

Rolling movements... 

…constitutes all the pieces allowing plastic film rolling (polyene) around an axis on long pans. These movements can be manual or motorized.

In this category, EDAMS offers a range of, reducer, motorgeared , telescopic arms, as well as accessories which allows the liaison and the utilization of these pieces ( handle crank, wheel ) consult our catalog. > Browse our catalog

Opening movements…

…are the articles intended for spreading width or ridge opening (roof) for greenhouses, as well as shading.

We offer a range of, reducer, motorgeared, spreading width, rack as well as accessories which allow the liaison and the utilization of these pieces (coupling, pinions, guide bearings)> Browse our catalog

A strong French establishment, partners around the world...

EDAMS offers solutions around the world on all the greenhouses aeration system and shading. , from rolling motorization to roof opening, but also motorization accessories, aimed to develop market gardening and farming.

Major actors on the French market, EDAMS works with the main manufacturers, French greenhouses distributor, and installer, with a large number of the distributor in Europe and the world.