Lateral rolling sytem with trolley gear motor 32032

We design and produce gear motors with trolley for the possible use in outside, they are very tough and corrosion free:

- Waterproof construction in a aluminium union join
- Stainless steel outputs
- Economic and compact engine power
- 45 revolutions limit switches
- Manual opening option in case of power cut

The assembly quality and special oil lubrification restric maintenance work. Its limit switch system, reliable and accurate is suitable for the modern greenhouse automation . 

Lateral rolling with trolley: Powerful and compact. 

Intended for greenhouses frontage rolling ( plastic film or nets) inside greehouses: ideal for public environment.

Enroulement latéral intérieur sur chariot : Compact et puissant.

Rolling length: 

- Simple rolling: to 220m

- Double rolling: to 100m 

- Non-reversible under load 

Favour the cultivation area .


Data sheet

Serre plastique
Rolling system
On trolley
Rolling length
To 220 m
Torque (N.m)
Engine power Kw
0.25 Kw
Guiding tube
New product

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