Gears motor on direct rolling or arms 65521

Coupled with telescopic arms or in direct plug , the gear motors  SERIE 655 conceived for the greenhouse’s frontage rolling round (plastic film or nets), but also for the shading motorization, for tunnel greenhouses or multipans in simple or double rolling round.

Film plastic rolling by gear motors  SERIE 655 is a simple system which allows easily the adaptation on small or medium greenhouses while providing reliability.   

We design and produce the serial 655 gear motors  for the possible use in outside, they are very tough and corrosion free:

-          Waterproof construction in an aluminum  union joint

-          Stainless steel outputs

-          Economic and compact engine power

-          60 revolutions limit switches

-          Manual opening option in case of power cut

-          Non-reversible under load

-          Usable from  « insect-proof » taut net

-          Version : three-phased


Data sheet

Serre plastique
Rolling system
Direct output
With telescopic arms
Rolling length
To 90 m
Power supply
Engine power Kw
0.12 Kw
New product

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