Gears motor rolling with trolley B300-T25-C60

gearmotors BERRI 300 C series are motorized system on trolley, reserves for the greenhouses frontage rolling round (plastic film or nets), for the ventilation, on tunnel greenhouses or multi-pans in simple or double rolling round. Usable under taut “insect proof”

Rolling round of plastic film by gearmotors BERRI 300 C series on trolley is a system which favors the culture space which reduces the no area covered. Those gearmotors works without telescopic arms contrary to the BERRI 300 B series. They are equipped with water proof roller trolley ball bearing for the full coverage of the frontage (no death area).Those trolleys require the installation of guide tube to receive the system

We design and produce the serial320 gear motors with trolley for the possible use in outside, they are very tough and corrosion free:

-          Waterproof construction in a aluminium  union joint

-          Stainless steel outputs

-          Economic and compact engine power

-          60 revolutions limit switches

-          Manual opening option in case of power cut

-          Non-reversible under load  

-          Usable from  « insect-proof » taut net

-          Version : mono-phased

-          Protective cover for outside utilization coated UV protection

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