Opening gear motor 82021

Coupled with racks, SERIE 820 gear motors are motorized systems intended for the roof opening, ridge for the ventilation and shading of plastic or glass greenhouses.

We design and produce our new SERIE 820 gear motors in the following manner:

-          Waterproof aluminum construction

-          Non-reversible under load

-          Stainless steel output shaft

-          Economic and compact engine power

-          45 revolutions limit switch

-          Manual opening option in case of power cut

-          Three-phased version.

-          Lighter weight with a compact design

-          Robust utilization

-          Excellent  adaptation on all kinds of constructor

-          Excellent productivity ( reduced electric consummation  )

-          Reduction of the reducer inside oil volume(lubrification wheel gears    transmissions organ lubrification)

-          No reducer position constraint because there are lubricate guidance elements.

Its  conception with union joint “all aluminium”and its NOX outlet axis making it more corrosion free.

Its adjustable end position system, reliable and accurate is particularly suitable for the modern greenhouses automatization.

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